This week Beyond Mode 7 officially became a reality! I picked up the print run and boy do these things look snazzy! The quality is superb and I cannot wait to start sharing these things with all our backers, and then very soon with everyone else!

Rewards posters have also been printed, including a bunch of Blair Shedd’s amazing Legend of Zelda print and the bookmarks are printed, laminated and just need to be trimmed down to size. A lot of this work I’ve been able to do by-hand on some great machinery and it’s really made for a personally rewarding experience.

Citadel is still unfortunately on indefinite hold as I still have to wrap up sketch cards and rewards commissions, but I do still plan on having Chapter 2 ready to go in-print for GraniteCon (Where BM7 will also premier!)

Finally, Jesse and my application for MAGFest 13 this coming January is in! We hope to get a table this year again and bring BM7 directly to the fans who inspired the book to begin with! So exciting!