It’s been exactly a month since my last update! Time sure is flying this year.

A lot has happened in the time has passed, most of it involving Beyond Mode 7.

The book is complete, and the digital version is out to all the Kickstarter backers. Jesse and I still have not decided on whether to make this version available after the KS rewards are fulfilled, but we will certainly let y’all know once we do reach a decision!

The final print version PDF went to the printers TODAY, we hope to have a proof approved by Wednesday next week!

The Posters being printed as backer rewards are super cool, so much of the art and exclusives translated very well to larger-size print. IF you didn’t get in on the project’s KS, and want to grab any of the posters, I would encourage you to contact the contributing artist or Jesse and myself about perhaps ordering one.

One poster in particular, Blair Shedd’s exclusive Stretch-Goal Legend of Zelda: ALttP reward poster IS going to be available for purchase from Jesse and I and Blair himself at the many, many conventions the 3 of us do. You can grab a copy from us there!

IF you’re native to New England, plan on attending GraniteCon the weekend of September 13-14th as Beyond Mode 7 will be premiering at the show publicly for the first time! We’ll also have plenty of Blair’s posters, and many other goodies with us for purchase, along with all our regular comics, art, prints, and sketch cards!

Citadel Chapter 3 final draft writing is underway and look for the story to continue in the final week of this month, here at RKDIA Comics!