Happy New Year everyone! 2013 is upon us and so is a brand new version of Citadel! I literally spent all of 2012 working on this one chapter, much like I spent all of my senior year at CCS working on the very first Citadel Comic I put together, back in 2009-10. This is the culmination of much work on storytelling, aided in part by a TON of advice from Jesse DuRona and Steve Bissette. Without their help, this newly re-imagined version would not have been possible.

While I still have some issues in spots, and know there are problems and things that ultimately were rushed, this version is far superior to my previous attempts in a lot of ways. It gives me the most important thing I’ve needed since starting this project: A way forward. I do not plan on looking back now, spending another year of my life trying to begin. I HAVE begun, three times now and I only want to move this story ahead. I hope you’ll join me as I do just that in this new year!

New pages will post every TUESDAY from here on out, with Chapter 2 hopefully starting up about mid-year. My new years resolution? MORE Comics, art, and prints!

Also, if you’re going to be at MAGFest starting on Thursday, print editions of the whole finished first chapter will be available! Keep an eye on my store as well, I’ll be putting it up for sale online shortly!