Spring seems to have finally sprung here in the Upper Valley of VT and NH, but it is with a heavy heart I must also report that Beyond Mode 7 has failed to launch with the weather.

Due to a variety of factors beyond our control, including but not limited to: extreme delays at the printers getting appropriate pricing/timeline for production, as well as several very late contributions, Beyond Mode 7’s Kickstarter launch has been canceled indefinitely. There’s just no conceivable way for Jesse and I to get the book put together in time for the upcoming convention season, and with our personal time about be appropriated towards travel and real-life issues, there’s no room to finish BM7. In layman’s terms, we bit off more than we could chew!

I’m very saddened by this sudden turn for the worse, we were just hitting our stride on the books pre-press production…however, as they say; “when you hit your stride is when you’re most likely to trip!”

I feel the most sad for all the wonderful creators that have contributed such amazing work to the anthology. They’ve all worked extremely hard on their pieces and it’s a shame they will probably not see print, at least not through Beyond Mode 7.

I would still encourage you all to go check out the contributing creators, they’re all very nice people and amazingly talented/dedicated. Here’s a list of our Beyond Mode 7 Contributors…please check out their work and continue to support their efforts and love of gaming! (In no particular order.)

Kevin Bolk
Eric Lide
Hex Martinez
Matt AuCoin
Brandon Barrows
Bill Volk
Scott Baer
Toril Orlesky
Jesse Mead
Stephanie Whitlock
Chris “Radical” Warren
Matt Young
Amanda Ruddock aka “Pie”

Once again I sincerely apologize for the sudden collapse of the project, all art of course reverts right back to it’s creator’s ownership, hopefully if we decide in the future to re-explore such a huge undertaking, we’ll be better prepared!

Thank you for your continued support.