Jesse Durona and I are super excited to announce Beyond Mode 7: An SNES Comics Anthology!

This project has been coming together in the shadows now since MAGFest XI this past January, and we hope to premier the finished book at the NEXT show: MAGFest XII, January 2014!

The summer is upon us and as the early part of the convention season winds down towards the big shows in the fall, we’re opening up our call for submissions to you, the creative public and hoping for a huge response!

The Super Nintendo touched many of our childhoods, and helped change the landscape of gaming as we know it. The sheer volume of memorable characters, titles and franchises to grace the system is astounding! So many great stories told, unforgettable play styles developed, and inspiring scores written that I can’t imagine gaming culture today without it.

Hit the link to the new Page above, click the link I just laid down, or contact us directly: or for more information and please, help us make an anthology as memorable as it’s subject!