For those of you who went to MAGFest this past week/weekend, you may have already gotten a chance to see Citadel Chapter 1 in print! For those of you who didn’t, don’t worry, I’ll have it up on my store page very shortly!

I wanted to showcase the original art here without all the logos and indicia. Penciled and inked using traditional mechanical pencil with HB lead, brush and ink and microns. A texture watercolor wash was also done then scanned in. I did the rest of the coloring and effects (even tried a new technique to colorize the line art to better integrate with the rest of the palette) in Photoshop CS 6.

In the future I hope to break out my real paints and try doing a fully hand-painted cover!

Tomorrow: MAGFest Report part 2: Friends!
Thursday: Sketch Cards return with a vengance!
Friday: MAGFest Report part 3: MUSIC!!!


Citadel is ©2013 Randall Drew
All Rights Reserved.