As you can see, this week there was no new page of Citadel! Chapter 1 is done and Chapter 2 is in progress! That said, for the next month I will be taking a hiatus from regular, new updates to RKDIA Comics as I’m packing and moving to a new apartment and also leaving my studio for a home studio in my new place! This of course will mean an interruption to my ability to make art.

In that time, the site will continue to update, I stil have plenty of Thursday sketch cards to share and I plan on re-uploading the Thesis/Prologue chapter of Citadel. It will be a trip down memory lane and serve as a reference for where Citadel began, and where it’s going! These 24 pages will update almost daily, starting around the second week of August. Chapter 2 I hope to begin updating starting in September.

The other major work I’ll be tackling during the hiatus time is for Beyond Mode 7! Remember that submissions can be accepted right up to the August 31 deadline! Jesse and I already have seven fantastic contributors confirmed and would certainly welcome more! Please hit the BM7 menu link above and consider sharing a story of how the SNES has shaped your creative life, at any age!

Current contributors, there will be an email update for you shortly, thanks for your patience!

See you all in September!