Thus ends my retro-uploading of Citadel issue Zero! As you can see, both stories met in the “middle” per-say as Miles and Amy both are destined to meet in the Forbidden Forest that night!

I reiterate, there are a few differences between this version of the tale and Chapter 1, however they will definitely be adjusted out in future editions/edits. There may even be “spoiler-ish” things withing Chapter 0 that I decided not to share until later in the main arc, but so be it!

Now that my archive is fully updated and you, my wonderful readers, are all up to date on where Citadel came from…on to Chapter 2! I resume my normal, weekly Tuesday updates with fresh Citadel pages starting with the Cover to Chapter 2 next Tuesday the 17th! Come back then and get ready for even more action! If you want to get caught up again, go back and read chapter one starting HERE!