A new year means a fresh start for everybody, including me! I’ve taken a long 2+ year hiatus from Citadel and a lot of art work in general, however after several months of planning and organizing, I hope to return to comics-making in earnest this year…starting immediately! I hope you enjoy my annual holiday illustration with this post, obviously inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A year on from the release of it’s final DLC pack, it’s still an inspiring game to me and I think about it frequently, even if I’m no longer booting it up regularly.

My wife and I have had many adventures this past year including my first ever trip overseas to her homeland, Thailand! I picked up much inspiration on the journeys we’ve had and the adventure now continues, hopefully on paper as well as in life!

Ink on Bristol, colors in Photoshop CS6
Original illustration is © 2019 Randall Drew
All Rights Reserved