So I’ve gotten a very late start to it, but here’s the first three pieces to my attempt at this year’s Inktober challenge!

I started off by getting myself into that game fan-art groove with Protoman, Aya Brea and Phantom Gannon! I tried to do a different approach to each inking, increasing the contrast as I went along.

The goal is to draw and ink one drawing per day throughout the month of October! I have been away from the drawing table over all for quite some time this year. I’m hoping to use this challenge as a way to re-familiarize myself with the joy of drawing something, anything, to completion every single day. I will be streaming this adventure on my Twitch Channel every Monday-Friday from 7pm-9pm (or there abouts, sometimes earlier, sometimes later) and Saturday afternoons will be longer casts (unless I have something planned ahead of time and I can’t!)

I’ll definitely have times where I’ll have to double and triple up, much like these first three days, but as long as I keep pace during the work week, I think we’ll all have a great time!