Reaper! *runs away futility*

I recently beat Mass Effect 3 for the first time and was very excited to get a chance to ink-sketch a Reaper for Inktober! I may go back and do other characters from the series as I continue this month! I was going for a “from the dark to the light” sort of high-contrast drawing here. I hope it’s as successful to you as I think it is!

I’ve decided to put any of this month’s drawings up for sale, generally just $5 for the smaller sketch card drawings and $25 for the much larger ones I do. (This Reaper is one of the large ones!)

You can just drop a comment here if interested or click that Donate button on the side of the site and let me know in your paypal description which of the Inktober days drawings you’d like!


Original art is © 2016 Randall Drew