Howdy everybody!

With the holidays approaching, I opted to not post a comic page yesterday as I’m still designing this years Holiday Card! That will post next week on Christmas, also in lieu of a Citadel page. In the mean-while, here’s a bonus Kickstarter post this week; one of the 4 full size commissions I completed for our highest level backers!

This one was sent all the way out to Scotland, but unfortunately came back and will be being re-sent, but the opportunity was my being able to re-scan the artwork (the original file was lost.) and present it here!

Come back Thursday and Saturday for more sketch cards and next week for my annual holiday greeting card design! (I may make the designs available online in the future!)

Brush and ink, watercolor on Bristol.


Original art is © 2014 Randall Drew
Samus and Ridley are © Nintendo