Tonight marks the ten year anniversary of the KNGI Network and it’s flagship title Nitro Game Injection! Kyle Crouse aka KyleJCRB has done over 200 shows of NGI and many more of his companion music show Game Fuel. Since 2009 KNGI has broadcast all of it’s programing on Arecibo Radio, and become the source for Arecibo’s podcast network.

The spiritual successor to Super Radio X, which aired from 2001-2003 on WRBC in Maine and co-hosted by the former host of WMRE Emory University Radio’s VGFrequency OCRemix’s Community Manager & Submissions Judge Larry Oji, KNGI continues the more than a decade long tradition of bringing video game and VGM rearrangement music to the public in a fun, energetic and enthusiastic way!

For the 10th Anniversary, Kyle put out the call for fans of the show to submit art. Seeing that Kyle is a big Sonic the Hedgehog fan and I am too, as well as knowing Ian Flynn, the head writer for Archie’s Sonic series (among others) will be in attendance, I took each hosts avatar and devised my own title screen print in the style of Sonic 1 to celebrate!

Featuring KNGI’s mascot Ariane, co-host Larry Oji’s character Rhino Blastoseed on the right, created by him and former co-host and official show artist Suraida (Slider-chan,) who’s Angel character, with co-creation credit to Ian Flynn’s wife, Kureejii Lea, is on the left!

Hyper Limited edition SIGNED 11×14″ glossy prints will be available tonight only during the show at my STORE page, so get one while you can!

Thanks to Kyle and Slider for permission to sell the prints and thanks to everyone at KNGI and Arecibo for making such awesomeness happen every day!

Here’s to another decade of great music!

G-nib & Ink on Bristol
Color in Photoshop CS6


Original art is © 2013 Randall Drew
Ariane is © Kyle Crouse
Angel and Rino Blastoseed are © Slider