I very rarely do logo design that isn’t something fully illustrated but when my friends Jack Kaunders and Jeff Brand came to me to inquire about a speedy logo design for their fledgling company Upper Valley Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (coming soon!), I said sure why not! It was a chance to go through the whole creative process, start to finish in a single weekend, and to flex design skills I thought might be getting a little rusty!

We had a vastly different design worked out in the beginning, one that I thought was very strong, but we later resolved it didn’t quite convey the information the way it needed to be at the out-set. This is the type-based design we settled on, with a small visual flourish in the “U” to symbolize the shape of the most recognizable style of “drone” out there. This doesn’t mean the original design is entirely dead, I may re-use it for a future job, or the guys might decide to go back towards it if they get more established, but for now…job complete!


Original Design is © Randall Drew