Another spring has arrived here in New England and that means comics shows are back! This is my 6th year doing the Maine Comics Arts Festival. I’ve been lucky enough to table at every single show since it started way back in 2008. This show has grown, evolved and moved venues over that run, but continues to always be a bed-rock show for me. I almost always do well at MeCAF, even in a down year. This year was no exception.

Beyond Mode 7 was very well received at the show, despite the fact I had to borrow some copies to sell from my co-editor Jesse DuRona. We’ve had high hopes for the Anthology from day 1 and seeing all our copies go at MeCAF really helped solidify those feelings. If you were there and didn’t get a chance to check it out of pick yourself up a copy, it’s always available at my store page!

Normally I’d have a bunch of photos from the show floor, but this year I was busy enough that I didn’t get to take any! This is a bit of a transition year for RKDIA Comics as well, as Jesse and I split to independent tables after co-tabling for many years, and my presentation is going to evolve in the coming season as I try to re-evaluate what it is that I want to share at comic conventions, and what the public is looking for from me.

To that effect, I did notice sketch cards were way down this year for me, and a few other artists I talked too on the floor. Perhaps it was placement (Jesse, who was near the entrance, did a ton of them) or perhaps it was just me not pushing them as hard. Either way, it’s something I’m going to take into account on-the-whole when it comes to cons and trade shows…almost everyone does them now.

I saw so many familiar faces but sadly did not get around to say hello very much. Check out the Guests List to see who was there and what they do…everyone is just amazing!

Next year I hope to be a bit more on-the-ball with MeCAF, I’m lucky and grateful that it went so well for me as I was woefully under-prepared. Sleep or no sleep (this year being the later) I always have fun in Portland and can’t wait to go back!