As I’m sure you know, since about 2010 I’ve done an annual holiday card! I have usually themed them around my characters in Citadel, but this year due to lots of things happening in life contributing to a time-crunch, I was unable to come up with a really detailed illustration. I chose to go for a more quick sketchy style with marker color instead of digital. The results are actually returning some very positive thoughts from my fellow cartoonists and friends! I might explore doing a few smaller stories in this style as comics in the future!

One of the big changes this year was beginning a relationship with Chonsuta aka Chon, my beautiful girlfriend! She’s from Thailand and has opened my eyes to many strange and wondrous things in the world, and I hope to use that knowledge to better myself, my art and Citadel. She had been asking for a long time now when I was going to draw the two of us together, and as part of her Christmas present, I did! I hope she, and you all enjoy it, and it brings some warmth and happiness into your soul this holiday season!