MICE: the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo was held last Saturday the 29th of September at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. It was the show’s third year and by far it’s best! Here’s my short but quick review!

Note: I actually didn’t get any of my own photos this year outside of my sketch card commissions I did at the table, so I’ll be using photos taken by my co-tablers!

Here’s Chris “Radical” Warren, Matt Young and I at our table…Oh My God WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY FAAAAACE?! The cameraman unfortunately caught me stuffing said face.

The event this year was held in the same location as last years space, with almost an identical layout. One long hallway of tables and three adjoining rooms of various sizes. We happened to be in the very end, and smallest, room. At first one would think this would be detrimental to any one placed in that location, but it turned out to be a bit of a blessing as the small space tended to create traffic jams, trapping potential customers to salivate at your wares, and eventually cave to buying.

THIS face was made a lot at MICE! Smiles courtesy Colleen AF Venable and Stephanie Yue!

Sales were brisk when the crowds were thick, slowed significantly when people managed to find their way out. I sold a ton of sketch cards, no comics. My table mate Jesse DuRona on the other hand sold several copies of his Despondent MegaMan comic! Financially, this show was a success for us both! I heard similar tales from the few other cartoonists I had time to chat with. The attendance was a nice mixture of kids, teens and adults of all generations. Boston really came out to support it’s local creators and I’m very glad to have been a part of it yet again!

The after party went something like this:

Yes, that’s Deadpool at the end of the bar. Photo by Roho!

Despite losing my phone at Charlie’s Kitchen in Harvard Square, the Art School Fraud crew had a great time recording, losing, then re-recording a podcast whilst merrily drinking and eating with our fellow toonies. We also got a visit from our convention floor neighbor “Rampage” Warren! Her comics are hilarious, by the way! Oh, my phone did return to me, thanks to Chris’s Mother in law Margaret! Thanks Margaret! The only mar on the after party was the fact that the space was too small and several groups did end up finding another venue to get their drink on. The search for the perfect post-MICE party space continues!


NOTE: Now that my site is up and running again in some capacity, I’ll be re-uploading my sketch cards, two a week again, starting from scratch. Don’t worry though, I’ll start with my most recent additions from MICE! Then I’ll fill in the back-log as I go until we’re completely caught up some time in 2013! Every time I do a show however, I’ll break the chain and upload the newest ones right away so you all can stay current!