Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fun and safe halloween! Today I have a special piece of art to share with you!

Pixel Noir was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter, just like Beyond Mode 7 was last year! Len, Kunal, Tim, Max and the rest of the amazing SWD Tech crew have crafted an amazing paranormal noir thriller RPG that’s unique and fun and full of amazing art, music and stories!

Near the end of the campaign, Kunal called out to his artists friends to create some fan art for the forthcoming title, and I was all about contributing! I sort of took elements from the game, Max’s original designs for the main character and SWD Tech’s own logo to come up with my piece above! Kunal plans to feature it in an upcoming Kickstarter update, so I’ll definitely let people know on social media when it’s up and continue to help spread the word about this game as it nears completion!

The Original Art and a print may eventually go up for sale in my store, pending approval from SWD Tech!


Brush and Ink on Bristol board.
Colors in Photoshop CS6.


Original Art is © 2015 Randall Drew
Pixel Noir is © SWD Tech Games