I recently re-discovered UpWork and have been diving into expanding my freelance illustration opportunities, among other skills I can put to use on the platform. As such, I hope to be able to post more regular art updates this way. Share the work I’ve recently completed and hopefully show some growth over time.

Will this cut into my already enemic comics output for Citadel? Yes. However, as that is a true passion project, and I need to feel the passion to put my best work into it…I’m okay with this outcome. It will make the pages my best work and the gig art my opportunity to grow to further improve those pages.

Gig work to me is about making money. First and foremost. I’ve got economic realities and goals and gig work will help me reach those goals. My creative goal with gig work is to meet my clients expectations for each project and not really over-push the boundaries. I’m a big believer in repetition being the key to learning, so by filling my schedule with repetitive (but slightly different) work for each illustration job, I’ll naturally and inevitably glean new information and skills that I’ll retain.

Look forward to my UpWork art, it’ll be a fun look at a totally different approach to art compared to Citadel. I hope you enjoy!

The above art is my first illustration gig, a triptych piece of gift art for a retiring director of a non profit. There were some very specific client requests in the design so I didn’t deviate too far from what they wanted…but coming up with a layout that flowed through time from upper left to the bottom center to upper right was how I approached the composition.