Happy New Year all! Here’s the cover inks for the (final) first chapter of Citadel.

As we roll into 2013, safe from the Apocalypse (Snowpocalypse also?) I’m happy to present the re-birth of my comic Citadel. This first issue is premiering in a limited-print run at MAGFest and right here online NOW! 2012 was a year of reflection, planning and hard work to arrive at this point, and while it’s far from perfect, this first chapter is far more than anything I’ve put out previously. I’ll post a new page every week, on Tuesdays, from here on out (time/schedule depending.) Work on chapter 2 begins as soon as MAGFest is over and I can’t wait to finally, FINALLY tell this story!

If you like what you see, and don’t want to wait 24+ weeks for the whole chapter to be posted, the print issue will be available at my store very soon! Keep an eye on the site’s blog to know when!

Also, if you’re attending MAGFest definitely be sure to swing by my and Jesse Durona’s table to grab a copy, a limited edition print or custom sketch card at table-only prices! Keep an eye on my Twitter Feed while on the show floor for details and updates…and perhaps even sales!


Citadel is ©2012 Randall Drew
All Rights Reserved