noun: citadel; plural noun: citadels

a fortress, typically on high ground, protecting or dominating a city.

In the Kingdom of Arcadia, the Citadel is the center of power. An ancient structure, it’s secrets are under the lock and key of the powerful council that rules the vast kingdom. It’s annexed neighbors to the east, the country of Daikogen, hold an uneasy peace with their new ruling power. Their own Citadel lost to the ages, Daikogen’s two clans have warred for years, with Arcadia and each other, to gain control of the last working device in the known world. Though it’s usefulness is lost mostly to the past, that past is about to change the present in a big way.

Chapter 0 – Prologue

Chapter 0 is the Thesis version of Citadel. It’s where major elements of the story first took shape as a part of my Master of Fine Arts degree program at the Center for Cartoon Studies. It was also at the time my longest format comic to date. While not necessary to read, it is a good starting place for those who with to witness the worlds development and my early experimentations with the Comics Language.

Chapter 1 – Blood and Apples

Blood and Apples is actually my third attempt at starting Citadel, after Chapter 0 and an un-published alternate Chapter 1. It takes elements from both prior versions and moves the story ahead at a much faster pace than originally intended. Most people will want to start here as the events roll immediately into Chapter 2 and the currently progressing story.

Chapter 2 –

A as-of-yet untitled chapter, Miles and the girl awaken in a chamber very much like the one they activated in chapter 1. Clearly in forbidden territory, a chase across the Capitol City of Alexandria commences! How did they end up hundreds of miles away and who amongst their pursuers are friends or foes? This chapter has my favorite cover so far, a full-wrap around illustration that I can’t wait to put on paper!

Chapter 3 – Heritage

Having fled the City with his new and mysterious companions, Miles returns home to reflect on the life-changing occurrences that have taken place. A familiar voice reveals itself to aid him in understanding a part of his heritage. Will he choose to accept his destiny or wallow in his grief? This is the current chapter in-progress, updating every Thursday!