Time to get this story rolling forward again! These are the very raw inks, with the color version only becoming available in the print edition, which I’ll announce as soon as it’s hot off the press! Page 1 comes next Tuesday, so get excited to literally jump right back into the action!

I knew I had a winner for layout the moment I sketched this idea. I took from all sorts of inspirations in classic comics to come up with this design, from Hergé to Eisner and my collection of Sonic comics! I really wanted there to be a good mix of find detail in the space as well as clear movement along with the Eisner-esque element in the wall announcing which chapter of the story this is. Other details may yet be added for the final print version, such as inked shadows for Amy and Miles, but for now I’m willing to not noodle it too much so I have some room for color to play a little later on!

Ink, Brush and Microns on Bristol.


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