Pixel Noir – $10

A special piece of fan art produced exclusively for the Pixel Noir Kickstarter! Prints are 11×11″ Glossy, but can be produced on up to 12×18″ paper without cutting down should you have a special frame you’d like to fit! If you’d like it personalized, just let me know in the PayPal order form!

The original art for this is also available!

$10 gets you a sweet glossy print of my contributed art to the Audio Engineering: A Tribute to Cid album by OverClocked Remix!

Just $10! This 11×14″ GLossy Print is only available for a limited time, get it while you can!Celebrating KNGI’s 10 year Anniversary, it features KyleJCRB, Larry “Liontamer” Oji and Slider-chan’s original Nitro Game Injection characters in a Sonic The Hedgehog themed design!Please provide your mailing address and any requests for customization in the appropriate PayPal field!

Kickstarter Chrono Trigger Print – $10

Special full-size print version of the Wallpaper received by every backer of the Beyond Mode 7 Kickstarter! Printed 11×14″ on a high-glossy, thick poster stock. Price includes shipping. If you’d like it personalized, say so in your notes on the paypal page!