Of course yesterday’s post was an April Fool’s day post…what were you THINKING?!

All joking aside, I was very pleased to be able to release our final contributor’s list the the world in preparation for the book’s Kickstarter launch next week and eventual release at MeCAF in May!

Yes, I just said the Kickstarter for the anthology will indeed be launching NEXT WEEK. I do not have an exact day yet, we’re waiting on Amazon/KS to confirm with us, but the day we get notice, the rest of you will know!

Here again is the final list of contributing creators, definitely get excited for what they’re bringing, it’s all awesome!

Kevin Bolk
Eric Lide
Hex Martinez
Matt AuCoin
Brandon Barrows
Bill Volk
Scott Baer
Toril Orlesky
Jesse Mead
Stephanie Whitlock
Chris “Radical” Warren
Matt Young
Amanda Ruddock aka “Pie”
Michael “Blayaden” Ruggia

Thanks for playing along, sorry if any you actually took me seriously! Also, this weeks Citadel page will FINALLY post tomorrow (Thursday) at Noon!