The SML Podcast (Originally the Small Medium and Large Podcast, now known as the “Someone Might Listen Podcast”) has been on the digital airwaves for a whopping nearly 200 episodes! Launched by my good MAGFest buddy JoeCam and a rotating cast of special co hosts and amazing guests, the show evolved from a fairly general pop culture discussion show to a tightly run, very focused look at video game culture, music and the world wide community of game creators! From indie studios to the big Triple A titles, Joe and crew has built a loyal fan base, and a huge list of guests, many repeat-customers for their odd but loose style of interviewing!

Recently a couple of the main hosts, specifically Pappy and Kris have decided to back off hosting duties a bit due to other life-obligations. Joe and I though it was time for a new logo to go with a fresh version of the show’s theme provided by Mega Beardo. While the old logo was very much a survivor of the “Small Medium Large” era of the podcast, the new one is much more in-line with the video gaming-centric show and the laid back interview style Joe hopes to continue to bring in the NEXT 100 episodes!